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The advantages and the disadvantages of no win no fee arrangement

This wonderful arrangement is also called as the "conditional fee arrangement" where the party enters into an agreement with his solicitors or his firm to take up his compensation claim and not demand any upfront fees for taking up the case per se. the compensation claim is taken up y the attorney or his firm with the expressed condition that in case the compensation case comes through, he will be compensated from the claim amount.

But in case the case does not come through then the solicitor or his agent or the firm cannot claim anything from the victim. This ensures that there is a successful compensation claim in the courts even in case the person is not in the right financial status to pay his solicitor any fee upfront in order for him to claim any compensation from his superiors. Secondly, it ensures that in case the solicitor is not able to make out a case in the court for the victim, the victim does not have any liability towards the solicitor. In consequence the solicitor cannot also claim any fees. This is by virtue of the fact that the case was not won by him. the victim is thus protected from spending anything from his own pocket.

The agreement has to be an expressed one:

  • It is important that there is an expressed condition as to the agreement between the aggrieved party and the solicitor’s firm. Having an expressed agreement (in writing) ensures that there is no miscommunication and any misunderstanding as a consequence. This agreement in addition also ensures that there are no hidden charges that you are agreeing to or any implied terms that you are agreeing to without being aware of. The solicitor is however not obliged to take up your case on a no win no fee basis and you cannot claim the agreement as of right. It is absolutely the call of the solicitor and his firm to decide if they would want to take up the party’s compensation/accident claim on a “no win no fee” basis. 

    There are many online solicitors who will help you file your compensation claim:

    If you ever have the time to check out the internet, you will find a lot of legal firms who have their presence on the net and who will help the accident victims to file a case. All you need to do is to logon to their website and fill a form. The firm will take it from there.  You can claim online even now by opting to use our claim form now. Click here to directly fill the form or click here to go to our website http://www.roberttarren.co.uk/about-us/.

  • The reason why the entire process is going to be hassle free for you is that if you lose the claim case there is absolutely nothing that you will be expected to pay in terms of the cost of the claim or the solicitor’s fees.

    What happens in the event that you win?

    When you fortunately are able to make out a case against the claimant and the case is successful, you will know exactly how much it is that your solicitor expects as his fees. And this information will be provided to you in the beginning of the claim itself by your specialist solicitor who will be dedicatedly looking after your claims case for you.

    No risk of paying the other side’s cost:

    This one is a dicey thing. In case you do not opt for a “no win no fee” type of agreement with your solicitor and our solicitor is not able to successfully conduct a case for you, there is a high chance of the judicial officer penalizing you by asking you to pay the cost for the other side. That is to say you may have to pay the cost of litigation that the other party has accrued. But thankfully, in this type of agreement you are shielded from such eventualities.

The no win no fee agreement is applicable in all of the following cases:


Accidents that have taken place in the workplace and during the course of the employment itself;

Accidents that have been the reason for your personal as well as injury to a near and a dear one;

Accident on roads that involve you or a loved one with any motorized or geared/un-geared motor vehicle;

Accident involving you or a loved one with another pedestrian;

Accidents that have taken place in hospital due to medical negligence;\

Accidents due to faulty civil structures or public places such as roads, bridges, flyover, subways or stairways;

Any other public place not covered within the scope of point 7.


It has to be noted that this list is by no means an exhaustive one and if you think that you have been wronged or injured and there can be a claims case that you can institute against the other party, feel free to log into our website and fill the claims form or call us on the toll free number that is given below.