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Have you or your loved one been in an accident and sustained injuries, physical or mental trauma which you think you or your loved one had to unduly tolerated for no obvious fault of yours? If you think that you want to file a claims case on them, you may want to fill the claims form on our website right away. The form will ask you to fill mandatory fields including the date of the accident/unfortunate incident; the claim against the party and your name and details. Your details will not be shared with anyone without an expressed consent from you. 

The claims calculator:

If you are in two minds whether there is any merit in filing for a compensation case you can directly call us on our hotline and speak to our specialized solicitors who are waiting to hear you patiently and give you specialized consultation. The consultation is absolutely free.

In addition, you may also use the claims calculator that is available on our website in order to give you an estimate as to how much compensation you may claim from the opposite party. The claims can be mitigated or aggravated with any special circumstances that you may have to tell our associate.

No win no fee agreement:

We strongly propagate that our client enters into a no win no fee agreement with us whereby we are duty bound to provide him with legal aid without any upfront legal fees. As the court case progresses and the case is won we will take an agreed percentage or a slab value form the compensation amount. As a consequence of the said agreement, we will not claim any fees or costs in case we happen to lose the case.  Our associates and solicitors are the best in the field: When you entrust your case to us you can be assured that it is in the right hands and that every care will be taken to bring the culprit to justice and to make sure that the damages are paid in toto.